Sunday, February 26, 2006

Come on spring!!!! We're waiting!!!

The bush outside our house is starting to get some blooms. Does that mean spring is on it's way? I'm not sure, because on Monday it snowed for the first time this year. I sure would appreciate a little warm weather!

I started my last cycle of Clomid. I can't believe I've had 6 months of the stuff already. I guess I thought it would be the magic pill. Maybe it's magic for some people. Just not for me. Who knows what will happen next. 1 year of TTC come and gone... nothing much to show for it... except:
  1. I quit smoking.
  2. I became a vegetarian.
  3. I started exercising and lost 10 pounds.
So, I guess there are some good products from it all. I just have to keep focusing on the positive!