Monday, December 29, 2008

Visit with Santa '08

So, a few weeks ago we took the kids to see Santa. I am a strong part of the local twins club. So, we organized for Santa to come to us! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to get pictures with him, wihout waiting in a two hour line. It was great!

Anyway, the actual Wondertwin visit wasn't so great. They were terrified! They were actually shaking and climbing over me to try to get away. I felt so bad for them. We told them they were OK and jumped up there with them. It was quite an experience, but all survived. Hopefully, we haven't caused any long time trauma.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A stroke of bad luck

Last Monday my dad had a stroke. He was taken to the ER on Monday (where he remained in the ER for 15 hours!!!!!!! Because, they didn't have a room!!!! WTH?!). He was released on Friday.

He is doing pretty good, but he has some communication problems. He struggles with direct questions, names, and just finding the right word sometimes.

Overall, he is doing GREAT! Especially, since it has only been a week! However, we still have a road ahead of us. I have been doing everything I can... I even spent about 4 hours on the phone trying to get a CT scheduled today! Still, it is hard seeing him struggle through this. :(

Please, keep him in your thoughts.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas pictures

Last week I worked on getting pictures for our Christmas card (seems like I went through this last year!). It took about 3 hours and I took about 300 pictures. Anyway, here are a few of the ones we didn't choose... but are fun.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


B has been saying "Where are you?" for some time. Z started that about a month ago. Last weekend was the best! They started saying, "I love you."! Here is a clip of them each saying it.

By they way, B also started saying, "How are you?"

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Some of the latest pictures.

I just realized it has been far too long since I blogged. Hubby and I have been working on a new blog... So, I guess this has fallen behind. Anyway, stayed tuned for more info on the new one... Until then, here are some of the latest pics.

The kids have gotten much better about playing together. I was happy to find out in Parent magazine that kids are like a roller coaster. They are great leading up to their birthdays and turn into monsters on their half birthday. Why does this make me happy, you ask? Because I know it is not just my kids! And that we will have some good times every couple of months! lol

They just recently learned to smile upon request! It is so cute! Of course, it doesn't always work. lol

This picture of B really reminds me of my little sister when she was a toddler! I'll see if I can find an old picture and compare.