Monday, July 31, 2006

The symptoms have to mean something!!!! Right?????

So we are almost to a week since I took the trigger shot. And, I have never felt more pregnant in my life!!! Even when I was pregnant with the ectopic... I didn't feel like this!

  • My boobs hurt so much I don't even have to poke them to see if they still hurt!
  • I am peeing like 500 times a day (at least every 15-30 minutes).
  • I have needed a nap the last 3 days... and am still exhausted.
  • I have been craving hamburgers and bananas (by the way, I HATE bananas and have been a vegetarian for much of the last 2 years).
  • The thought of some foods or smells makes me nausious.
  • I have had MAJOR mood swings... much to my husbands suffering.
I went to the dr. this morning. He is worried about hyperstimulation of my ovaries. Anyway, he did an u/s and said my ovaries look good. He saw some fluid, but said it could be from Oing. Then he took a blood test and my weight. He said my iron is high. So, he wants me to come back in on Wednesday. However, my weight was down!!! It was at 173. I swear metformin makes all the differance in the world!!!! I have lost 20-30 lbs. from it!

Anyway, the waiting continues. For now, I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can... rest when I can... and try to get a little bit of low impact exercise.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The countdown begins

I am 2 days into the 2ww... again. So, here are some little bits of wisdom... courtesy of a hormonal teacher on break. Please add more in your comments!

1. It is OK to be counting down the days until you poas.
2. You have all the symptoms, but that doesn't mean anything yet.
3. The positive hopeful feeling is normal.
4. The fear of being let down again is normal too.
5. It is OK to be obsessed with what you eat/drink, just in case.
6. Chocolate helps.
7. Fertility drugs make the 2ww much more interesting... as you are extremely moody.
8. Wishing on a star and making deals with God don't work.
9. If you poas early, you are more likely to be let down.
10. The 2ww is a good excuse to relax and take care of yourself!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jungle Boogie!

I went to the doctor yesterday. They did an u/s and found 4 nice, mature follies! So, dh and I discussed the risk of having quads and decided to go for it. But, before giving me the trigger shot the dr. wanted me to get an estradiol test. He said that would helps us have a better idea of my chances of hyperstimulation.

So, I got up at 5:10 this morning and was at the hospital at 6 for the blood test. From there I went to Starbucks for a nice cup of iced decafe coffee. Then, I headed to Brugger's Bagels to pick up a half dozen for the doctors and nurses who were coming in early.

I got to the office at 7:30. At 7:45 the results came back, but my doctor was in surgery. At 8:15 we had the go. So, I got my shot, in my ass, and headed to school. Now we are scheduled to bd tonight and tomorrow night. Then, we wait and see.

Please Lord... let it be my turn!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The joy of Clomid!

Last night was the worst night I have had with fertility drugs. I went to be about 8:30 with a horrible migraine. I thought I was going to die! I woke up many times with my head throbbing!

Then, the hot flashes started. I was butt naked, out of the covers, with the fan on, and I was melting! I kept waking up all twisted in sheets and dripping with sweat.

When I wasn't having trouble with both of those, I was nauseous. I was so sure I would have to puke at some point. However, when I woke up this morning I was fine. Besides feeling a little off here and there throughout the day, it was nothing like the night.

I just keep telling myself... "If it works, it is SO worth it!" I WILL survive!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's getting hot in here... So take off all your clothes

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 28. When I was young I had a plan... I would be married at 25 and have a child at 27. Well, I got married at 26... SO, I guess I should have a baby this year! I sure hope so!

This will be the first year I have worked all day on my birthday. I know, I know... Everyone else has to, why should I be special? Well, when I was a kid, everyone was out on summer break on my birthday. So, I never got to have a little school party. Then, when I became an adult, it seemed pretty cool that I was off on my birthday every year. Year round school messed up that plan. Oh well. I think I may get a little cake or something and have a little class party for myself. Happy Birthday Me! lol

Day 3 of this round of Clomid. Starting out on 150mg is tough! Last time I worked up to it. Yesterday, I was sick to my stomach all evening. Today that has ceased.

So far, no migraines. For that, I am extremely grateful! However, the hotflashes have begun. This morning my kids were taking a state test. So, I couldn't turn the air way down. I was sweating all morning. It is just a constant mist on my forhead. The worst is at night. I slept in my birthday suit... out of the covers... and was STILL sweating.

Hey, if it works... IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Begin again

We went to the doctor to get checked out after some pretty bad cramping on the right side. He checked everything and nothing looked unusual. I just needed reassurance. I'm telling you, an ectopic really spokes a person. So anyway, we start back on 150 mg of Clomid tonight. I'll take it for cd's 5-9 and go in for my trigger on cd 13. Maybe our time will happen soon. I sure hope so!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

And their OFF!!!!

So, the new school year is one week down. It is so strange to me to already be a week into the school year. I have 2 more weeks and then I am tracked out for 3. I absolutely LOVE it! I have such a great class... and the staff I work with is wonderful too! I think it will be a great year... and hopefully less stress!!!

I was suppose to start Clomid again on Saturday. However, on Friday (cd2) I was having horrible cramps on my right side. Being as that is the side I had the ectopic on, it made me pretty nervous. So, I called the dr. and they told me to come in tomorrow. Hopefully it is nothing, and we can start Clomid tomorrow. We will see.

For now, it's just another bump in the road. We've got to be out of the mountains sometime soon!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

So, today is obviously the 4th of July. I finally woke up at 9. My arms are so sore this morning, I am having difficulty bending my wrists. I guess I used those muscles anyway!

My dh is out on another ride. Today is the Firecracker ride. He got up about 5:30. The ride started at 8. He will probably be back about 1 or 2. Then he will sleep.

I am so proud of his training and drive. However, I sometimes get jealous. I feel like I don't see him much. We decided to work on this by turning off the TV when we eat. Then we can have more conversation. Still, I wouldn't trade in being the wife of a future Iron Man. He is amazing!

After his rest we will go to a NC Pig-picking. For those of you from up north, that is a barbeque. They do exactly as it's titled: They cook a pig. Then pick off the meat. It should be fun.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Muscles I didn't know I had

So, dh and I just finished the yard work. My job was to trim all the bushes and water the plants. I have trimmed the bushes each year since we have lived here. However, apparently my muscles went on vacation since last year.

As I finished using the hedge trimmer I stopped for a drink from my water bottle. To my surprise I couldn't life it up! My muscles had disappeared! Now, I'm typing this with my hands rested on the keyboard (my keyboarding instructor would die!) and trying to drink a "Jack Daniels Citrus Splash" cocktail. It takes both my hands to life my bottle to my mouth.

In conclusion, if you want a humbling experience. Use hedge clippers for a couple hours!