Monday, April 02, 2007

Our Birth Story

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Sorry it has taken me awhile. The Wondertwins will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. I guess it goes by so quickly because right now all the do is eat, sleep, and mess their diapers. We are doing breast feeding now. So, feeding takes about 1-2 hours total. With them eating every 3 hours it seems like all I'm doing is sharing my boobs! I love being able to give them such a gift though... and the time with them is precious.

Anyway... our story...
I was 35 weeks 5 days. We had decided to go ahead with an early delivery mainly because of IUGR. We didn't know if Bree was getting enough nutrients. Plus, I was so incredibly uncomfortable and going insane on bedrest.

So, Tuesday March 20th we got up bright and early. We had already packed our bags. We went to the hospital to wait in triage for a couple of hours. My papers got lost. So, the dr. had to dictate my history again. That didn't come through either. He was irritated which made me extremely emotional. Dh and I decided that if that was the thing that was to go wrong for the day, it was fine by us.

Brett dressed and I was taken down. I got in the operating room and they did the spinal. That thing hurt like H***!!!! They got me laid out and did the rest of the prep. They tested my numbness and started to cut. They sent for Brett.

I asked if Brett would get there in time. It seemed like everything was going fast. He arrived and sat down near my head for a second. The nurse then asked if he was weak stomached. He said, "no". She said, "stand up". He stood up and saw Breeana (Bree) come out and then a minute later Zane. She was born at 11:03am and he at 11:04.

Even though they said the babies may not cry right away because they were so early... Both came out SCREAMING!!!! It made Brett and I sob with tears of joy.

They took the babies off to get cleaned up. Brett went with them to get pictures and video. Bree weighed in at 4 pounds 8 oz and Zane was 5 lb 6 oz. He was 19 inches and she was 17 inches.

Both babies came to us in the room just a few hours later. They had a bit of low sugar at the beginning, but it cleared up with a little glucose water. They spent the rest of the time with us (except for nights in the nursery). We were blessed with two very healthy babies!