Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Smokey Turkey

I had a whole new Thanksgiving this year... We went to my Mother in-law's. We cooked a turkey breast. Then she made instant mash potatoes and some quick microwaveble mac-n-cheese. It was an "instant" Thanksgiving!

One bad part was the fact that she is a chimney smoker. She didn't smoke out in the living room where we were most of the day, but she smoked in her room all night. By the time we left all of our clothes, bags, and pillows reeked of smoke! It was gross. I can't believe I was ever a smoker! I love her, but that was a bit too much for the babies, my Iron Man hubby, and I.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nightmare... during the day

Yesterday my family came over for burgers. As we finished up dad and I ran up the road to sign some papers for a car we sold. It was only about a block or two. We finished up and hoped back in the 4-runner. For the first time, in as long as I can remember, I didn't put on my seat belt. We were talking... and it was just around the corner.

I'm at the turn before my house and a car squeals behind me. I look in the mirror and see a car of underaged teens going about 80mph swerving back and forth across the road. The road is a neighborhood and has a limit of 30mph. I screamed and grabbed my dad with my right hand (I guess I was trying to keep him in the seat). Then I swerved off the road onto the sidewalk... The car just barely missed us.

I got to the house, shaking so badly I could hardly walk. Dh came to me in our bedroom and I just flowed with tears. I was mad that I had taken the chance of not wearing my seatbelt. I was mad at the teens. I was scared and shaken. If we had been hit I would probably have hit the windshield... my stomach (containing my precious babies) would have hit the steering wheel. I came so close.

Please please please wear your seatbelt... No matter how far you are going!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

It's a BOY and a GIRL!!!!!

We had another ultrasound yesterday. Here are both babies' heads. Before they checked what sex they were they did all the measurements. Both babies have good 4 chamber hearts and have everything a baby should have at this point. Jayna, baby A, had a heart beat of 150. Zan, baby B, had a heart beat of 162. They said his was higher because he was wiggling around so much! Both babies measured exactly at 17 weeks and were estimated 6 oz.

When they got to Zan's legs I couldn't believe how long they were!!!! This was before we knew it was a boy. I turned to dh and said, "That is your son!!! He is going to be tall like you and play basketball!!!!" Sure enough, it was later found to be a boy! I swear that boy is all legs! He is definately going to get his father's height.

Anyway, we are 100% sure Zan is a boy. When we got to baby A she kept her legs closed (like a good girl should). It took a lot of poking to get her to move... Plus, it's harder with two babies crammed in one belly! So, the tech found the spot and said she is 90% sure it's a girl. I guess those are pretty good odds!

I'm so excited about the whole thing. We had come up with one girl name and one boy name that we really liked. Plus, we had bought a boy and a girl monchhichi to represent the babies since we call them the Monchhichis. So, everything is what we were hoping.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


So, I woke up this morning, read for awhile, watched some TV, and took a shower. Once I was dressed something kicked in. I needed things to be clean!

Our kitchen table was covered in mail, school papers, etc... WHOOOOSH. Everything is gone! Baseboards looked icky... Baking soda and a good scrub to the rescue. Mopped the kitchen... vacuumed the house (including every crevice). Now on to clean the fridge and scrub this sink. Dh won't know what happened!

I don't know when I have felt this motivated. I know it will wipe me out by this afternoon... but, DAMN our house is looking good!!!!!!