Thursday, February 28, 2008


The Wondertwins have their 2nd cold of the season. I think that is pretty good, considering the average is 6 for the first year.

It has moved into the runny nose stage. The period when they go down to nap with clean faces and wake up with green coating under their noses (and sometimes dried all over their faces from moving around).

Whoever invented the aspirator should have invented some kind of holding device with it. You would think I was trying to suck out their brains! They fight and scream like crazy! Then, when I am done they breathe better, smile because they feel better, and go on their way. However, when they see that thing come out it is utter mayhem!

I'll be glad when they are well again. Where is Spring?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

10 months

I know 10 months has come and gone... quite a while ago for us. However, I was looking through some e-mails and saw this list. I wanted to post it while I had a chance (better late than never!) I will try to do an 11 month one soon.

Can you believe their pictures were at 9 months!!!???? TIME IS FLYING WAY TO FAST!!!!

Anyway... Here it is.

Lets see if I can tell 10 things about each for now.

B- Little Frog

1. Army crawls, but it looks more like an inchworm.
2. Says Dada any time dad is around or I am on the phone (she thinks it is him).
3. Loves her paci and blankey... has a hard time putting them down after naps.
4. Loves to eat... scoops everything off her tray and tries to shove as much in her mouth as possible. Throws stuff she doesn't want on the floor with little thought.
5. Likes to rock on the rocking elephant... will move her legs up and down to prompt you to rock her.
6. Would rather stand than sit (Dr. was quite amused by this!).
7. Claps her hands for just about everything... Sometimes says, "Yeah!" when clapping.
8. LOVES BOOKS!!!! Yesterday she sat and looked at a book for 45 minutes of the ride home from grandma's house.
9. Does well with a sippy cup, but easily distracted when nursing.
10. In a social situation she wants to watch, but sticks close to mom.
11. (I know I said 10) Started saying, "Mama" yesterday!

Z- Monkey Boy

1. Crawls VERY fast!
2. Is cruising and pushing toys while walking.
3. Has become a little chatter box since getting tubes... likes to growl!
4. LOVES to breast feed! Flies across the room when I make the sign for "milk". However, he mostly refuses the sippy.
5. Very tough! Crawls over sister and takes anything he wants from anybody.
6. Does not like white potatoes... cries when I try to feed them to him.
7. Eats very slowly and with precision... often takes cheerios one at a time and then nibbles on them.
8. Likes to crawls while pushing cars around the room.
9. Does not want to stay still to get his diaper changed.
10. Likes to go to the TV to try to touch the Baby Einstein puppets.
11. (I have to make it even with Bree's) LOVES to hit the glass back door and get Ziggy to play with him. He laughs hysterically if Ziggy jumps up and down or barks. (I will try to post a video of this soon!)

-Both babies LOVE to dance! If I start singing a certain tune they will start shaking their butts and bopping up and down.
-They both enjoy Baby Einstein and will immediately calm down when it comes on.
-Both are good at eating solids... They really like peaches, bananas, grapes, and cheerios.
-They love baths and will both crawl as fast as they can to the bathroom, from the living room, once the water turns on (It is hilarious seeing their naked butts rushing down the hall!)
-Both have some degree of separation anxiety. It is often hard for me to even leave the room.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008