Saturday, February 17, 2007

Strict Bedrest

I am now undertaking one of the hardest things I have ever done... strict (and restricted) bedrest. I am on bedrest and have to lay on my left side most of the time. How hard can that be right? UGH... You try it for a day. I admire women who have to do this more than the 5 weeks I have been given.

Why do I have this? Is she just lazy? Was it a bet? Nope... Drs. orders. Our little girl Wondertwin, Jayna seems to have some restricted growth. She only measured as weighing 2 lbs. 11 oz last Tuesday. A full pound less than her brother. They are hoping by laying on my left side most of the day more nutrients and blood flow will get to her... and cause her to grow more.

In addition, I now go into the dr. 2 times a week for Non-stress testing. This is where I get strapped into all different kinds of belts and lay in a lazy boy with a trigger button on hand. The straps are hooked to a monitor that is checking the babies heart fluctuations and any contractions I might be having. The button is for my own enjoyment. I get to push it any time I feel movement... which is quite often with twins! Anyway, as long as they keep passing these we will be able to make it to our 35 week scheduled c-section.

The great thing is... This is all DEFINATELY worth it! At the finish line I will be holding my two sweet little Wondertwins. I will know that I did a good job of baking them. This time spent pondering makes me closer to them and makes having them so much more precious. I am so lucky!

Monday, February 12, 2007

30weeks 3 days

The days are dwindling. Soon we will be able to meet our little son and daughter. Here are some pictures dh and I took yesterday. I LOVE the one where he is listening to my belly. His eyes are so blue... and you can see the pure joy of being a "soon-to-be-daddy" radiating from his face.

I can't help it... I am so in love with my husband!!!!