Monday, March 27, 2006

Trying to find the silver lining

This last cycle I was so damned sure!... My temps were actually normal for the first time. Then, I had a clear O day. After that, my temps were around 98.5 for a long while. I was so excited... I even POAS'd about every day from 9dpo on.

Then, my temperature dropped and I just knew the ugly witch was just around the corner. I was devistated! It kept me down for a few days. I want to know when it stops hurting you... when does it get easier? When will it be my turn... will it be my turn?

So, on to month 16. No more Clomid. I'll start a new doctor.

Here are some great reasons for not being pregnant this month:

1. I get to go on Space Mountain this week.
2. I got to celebrate National Boards with a margarita.
3. I won't have to worry about stopping to puke or pee, every 5 minutes, on the way to Florida.
4. I've now lost 13 pounds and I get to enjoy it for another month.
5. I got to eat sushi and oysters.
6. I can take medicines for my migraines.
7. I still have an excuse for tons of crazy bedroom time with my sexy husband.
8. I get to drink wine while cleaning out the car.
9. I don't have to worry about being hugely preggo during most of the sweltering months.
10. I am one month closer to becoming a mommy... somehow.


Brett said...

That was a sweet post. We will get there, I promise! I sure do love you!

Ladiebug said...

I am so sorry! It's so hard month after month! we are on month 33 and I can twll ya that hopeing and then hurting doesnt go away. But it does make you stronger!
Hugs! I really like how you put reason why it's ok not to be pregnant! That would really help me each month!

Scooter said...

Thanks for the insight, Courtney. You are insulin resistant? Wow. I guess that idea never crossed my mind as a possibility for me...

I had a glucose/insulin test this morning, so I guess we'll see.

And don't give up hope. You will conceive EXACLY when you are supposed to...

I know you've probably heard it a zillion times, but there are no such things as mistakes.