Thursday, May 01, 2008

The big C update

Last October my dad found out he had prostate cancer. The Drs. were amazed at how advanced the cancer was with such a low PSI. He was suppose to have the surgery asap. However, that was not to be. He found out he had heart issues, the Dr. went on vacation, another Dr. screwed up his medical records (saying he had had a heart valve replacement among other things... he is STILL trying to get this all fixed), etc.

SO, Yesterday he finally had the surgery.

He had to be at the hospital at 5:15. His surgery began at 7:15. It was a robotic surgery.

My step mom and I waited in the waiting room. We looked at pictures, we went to the Chapel, we went for coffee, we went to look at the gift shop, we talked to friends on the phone, we did anything we could to help the time pass.

At 8:15 and 10:30 we received updates. With the past concern about dad's heart and the fact that he would have to be upside down (yes, on his head) for the entire surgery, this was a HUGE relief!

Around 11 the Dr. came out to meet with us. He said everything had gone smoothly. They were able to spare the nerves on one side, but not the other. That side was too hardened. The lymph nodes were enlarged. So, they took those out too.

The prostate and the lymph nodes were sent to the pathologist for further evaluation. He should hear back on Friday.

So, he is now resting in his own room. He should be able to come home today. They said he should be able to drive by this weekend.

Now, keep your fingers crossed that the evaluation will come back clean. This will tell us if it has spread, or if he is clean. This will tell us if he needs chemo or if we are done.


Shannon said...

I really hope that everything comes back clear. What a scary thing!

Kerry Lynn said...

I'll be thinking of you all! Congratulations on a successful surgery at this point! One day at a time right? ;-)

don said...

Best wishes.