Thursday, October 02, 2008

First head wound

I haven't posted about this yet... even though it happened on Monday. I don't know what my excuse is. Is the fact that I have 2 toddlers that are climbing, throwing fits, and acting like they have no idea what the word "no" means good enough? ;)

Anyway, on Monday morning we were trying to get out the door. I was going to take them to the mall that has our favorite play place. Shoes were on, bags were packed... just needed the sippies. As I'm in the kitchen fixing the sippies B and Z start fighting over the crate of Thomas Train stuff. I went over to help solve the problem.

B got mad that she wasn't getting her way, right away, and threw herself back. This happens numerous times a day right now... but she just happened to be right in front of the brick fireplace. (*** Note, yes, I have covered it, put pillows on it, used the bumpers, they take it all off. There is only about a foot showing... and this is where she hit.)

I could do nothing to stop it. It was in slow motion... her falling back and hearing the SMACK as her head and the brick collided.

She cried for about 5 seconds. I scooped her up to check her. She screamed and thrashed around to get down. It hardly fazed her!

I found a nice little gash on the back of her head. It was bleeding, but not bad. I took a picture to send to DH so he could help me decide if a trip to the Dr. was in order. He thought not... I needed piece of mind. So, he headed home (after only being at work 2 hours after an hour drive there). He didn't want me to take 3 toddlers to the Dr... especially if she had to get stitches.

Dr. was glad I brought her in. The gap was big/deep enough. They spoke of gluing, but her hair would be in the way. So, they had me hold her tight... and they STAPLED it! (What happened to stitches? When did glue and stapling become the norm?) They didn't numb her or anything... she sat stunned for a second, then SCREAMED for about 30 seconds... then was done. She is such a trooper.

Here is the before... don't look if you get sick easily.


Dianna said...

Ouch! Hope it heals quickly.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Eessshh! I can't handle things of that nature. They probably used staples because many people have a reaction to stitches - they'll develop keloid scars (big purple welts - I had that after my ectopic surgery...When I had my first c-section, they removed it and used staples).

Kerry Lynn said...

OH poor baby! And poor mama! I can imagine how you felt.

Missy said...

Ow! I can't imagine someone stapling my head!
Hoping that it heals quickly!

Melissa said...

I feel your pain! Alli had a head injury too.

It's ok. There will be more. She broke you in early. *wink*