Monday, December 29, 2008

Visit with Santa '08

So, a few weeks ago we took the kids to see Santa. I am a strong part of the local twins club. So, we organized for Santa to come to us! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to get pictures with him, wihout waiting in a two hour line. It was great!

Anyway, the actual Wondertwin visit wasn't so great. They were terrified! They were actually shaking and climbing over me to try to get away. I felt so bad for them. We told them they were OK and jumped up there with them. It was quite an experience, but all survived. Hopefully, we haven't caused any long time trauma.


Janine said...

Love the squirming! Thanks for the comments to my DD - she LOVED reading them. HUGE smile on her face.

Stacie said...

We didn't get Santa this year either. He's a scary dude if you are small.

Anonymous said...

any more blogging? not since facebook?