Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Take notice

Last Wednesday I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to school. Dh looked at me and said, "Honey, you look pregnant!" I said, "Guess what? I am pregnant... with your twins!" lol
He just meant that I am starting to look pregnant. It is nice to know that it is becoming noticable.

My belly is definately growing. However, I am still less weight than I was before I got pregnant. I am trying to eat when I can. I just can't stomach much. I just worry about the babies.

Tomorrow I have another appointment with the ob/gyn. I am excited and nervous. I just want to know that both babies are growing and doing well.


Kabmom said...

Don't worry about losing weight. The babies will take what they need first, even if it's from your stored energy. I've been losing weight the whole time. The doctor said it's ok to not gain at first but by 6 months your should be. That's not the case for me but I'm sure you'll be just fine. Good luck tomorrow let us know how it goes.

Jill said...

I have heard the same thing as kabmom.

Happy for you and hope your doc appt goes well.

Keepluvalive said...

Courtney, Sounds like your doing great! My sister had triplets and all is well with my 3 beautiful {2} nephews & {1}niece. I am sure you will do fine. Hang in there Baby! ~ Judi :-)

Ladiebug said...

Dont owrry about losoing weight. My sister lost 12 pounds her first 2 trimesters. Then the last trimester she gained it back and then 1o more pounds. She has a heaklthy baby girls. The baby takes what it needs from you :0)
Let us know how your appointment goes!!!!

marciafaye said...

post some belly photos woman!

Miss 1999 said...

I hope all goes well at your appointment. Keep us posted on how things are going, I'm sure everything will be fine :0)