Tuesday, September 25, 2007

News from the Wonder Twins

I apologize for not keeping up on posting. The Wonder Twins have bad colds. They both sport runny noses and glazed over eyes. I feel so bad for them. I have been letting them eat and sleep whenever they feel like it. I know that is what I would want to do if I were sick.

The big news of the hour... Duh duh duh DUHHHHhh... On Saturday I felt Little Frog's 1st tooth coming in!!!!!!!! She had been fussy for a few days. I let her drink out of my glass of water. When she did I noticed a red dot on her gums. I rubbed it a few times throughout the day. That evening I felt a little sharp edge.

To my total surprise... today I was giving her a bath. I looked at her lower gums to check out her new tooth coming up. I saw, not one tooth, but TWO coming in!!!!! Good gracious this is all happening fast!

I am excited, but sad. This is a huge milestone... but she will never give me that "gummy grin" again. I can't wait to see her grin with a couple of teeth though!


lesleysmeshly said...

Yay!!! How exciting!! I remember when I first found Shenzie's teeth. I had no idea she was even teething and randomly felt in her mouth to find not one but two! Just like your little pickle. She is working on her sixth right now. Heaten, on the other hand will be 1 in one week and has zero teeth.
Don't they grow so fast! Watch out...when those teeth get in they are sharp and hurt!

Ladiebug said...

Oh you are so silly. You are really good at keeping us updated :0)
That is so exciting! Wow 2 teeth at once! Poor baby has popcorn going on. Better 2 at once than having to go through it all individually though.

Bradley Egel said...

It seemed like forever until Sammy got his first tooth...and then as soon as we felt it it seemed like they grew so fast!

I found you through Works for Mom's (What Works or Us) site...she gave you an Egel Nest Award! Congrats!

The Egel Nest

Wes & Rae Leytham said...

yeah - the 1st tooth made me a little sad. Toothless grins are awesome.

childlife said...

Wow! Two at once... that AND colds, huh? Sounds like a blast at your place : )

P.S. I have something for you in my morning post today...