Friday, April 11, 2008

What do you have in your mouth?!!

I don't know how many times a day I ask my children, "what do you have in your mouth?" If we are outside it is a leaf, dirt, a small rock, once a screw! (scared the s#$%@ out of me when I saw it!) Inside they find paper, dog hair, dog food, etc. Everything goes in their mouths... EXCEPT food!

Yes, my kids fight me on eating good food. B spits many things out or just blocks me from putting it in her mouth. Z just picks things up one at a time and drops the things he doesn't want onto the floor. Right now they won't eat their crackers, banana, pasta, grilled cheese, meat, and many other things. However, if I were to put a handful of dogfood on their tray, I GUARANTEE they would eat it!



Sherry at the Zoo said...

Sounds 100% perfectly normal to me! LOL! Don't make an issue of it and pretty soon they'll hit a growth spurt and eat everything in site, including the dog food! My oldest went through a long period of time when he would only eat watermelon and drink milk. That was his diet for a good two months I bet! Don't know how he survived, but he did!

Kerry Lynn said...

I was just about to write this exact post. Do you mind if I copy and paste?? HAHA

I meant to say before that Jackson will eat lint balls from the floor or rug all day long. One time he even picked one right off my sock!

But god forbid they eat the strawberries that they gobbled up the day before.

lesleysmeshly said...

Girl - I hear you!!!! Although *knock on wood* I do have one who eats and eats and eats...pretty much everything including chewed up gum at the park EWWWW! The other however, is a pro at throwing food, swiping the entire tray clean with his arm in one swoosh and going from loving something one day to hating it the next. Gotta love all of these phases.

Some foods that are never refused by either baby:
Yogurt, frozen yogurt pops cut up, applesauce, mac n cheese (I secretly mix in carrots and peas), and waffles with cream cheese.

Good luck!