Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our trip to Indiana

All in all, it was a great trip. We had a few mishaps including my back causing problems on the 2nd half of the trip (I had twisted my ankle and fallen 2 days before the trip) and the Wondertwins and I all getting a huge cold. However, taking my family to visit joyous places from my past, getting to see old friends, and spending time with my family was wonderful. I will have lots of great memories from this trip!

Hubby and Monkey taking a break from our hike on the first day of our trip. We were visiting Spring Mill State Park... One of the neatest parks in the US!

In front of Donaldson Cave.

The Wondertwins and I on the back porch of the Inn.

Hubby and Monkey Boy standing in the cool Spring Mill Creek.

Our family, in the Village. You can see the actual Mill to the right in the picture. I wanted that to be the main focus, with our family... but I guess the photographing stranger didn't understand that.

Monkey and hubby in front of the Mill wheel, then BumbleBee (we changed her nickname) and I in the same place.

Somewhere, there is a picture of me playing with this same spinning wheel when I was 1. I tried to get the Wondertwins' picture here on numerous occasions during our stay. As you can see, they were not into it... AT ALL!!!!

Friends since High School... my friend Lisa and her little munchkin with the Wondertwins and I. We had a great visit, despite her dealing with two herniated disks!

BumbleBee wearing Daddy's cap.

Our trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. This was the Wondertwins first trip to a zoo. They had a blast! Auntie was such a great help! She even carried BumbleBee in the Ergo... Continuing even after she got stung when a wasp got trapped under the strap! What a trooper.

We found these fountains in the gardens next to the zoo. The Wondertwins had a blast splashing and playing! They were soaked by the time we left... Luckily, I had extra clothes!

We also got to visit with my friend who has twins. Her girls are about a week younger. We have been getting together since all of ours were about 2-3 months, along with some other twin moms. She recently moved to Indiana... So, it was great to get together and have our kids play together again!


Amber said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous trip! Love all the pics...esp the one of you and hubby babywearing!! are those ergo's?

Ladiebuglane said...

Looks like you had a fun packed trip!
Wow my husband would love to go to a zoo and be that close to what looks like sharks!

Courtney said...

Yes, we both use Ergos. I LOVE them! The kids do too!

Yes, those were sharks. We were able to reach into the water to pet them! It was crazy!