Friday, July 18, 2008

WOW... Monkey can use a FORK!!!!!!

Monkey Boy has a little bit of a texture issue. He doesn't like to pick up things that are slimy or too messy. Today I fed the Wondertwins cantelope. Monkey just kept looking at the melon on his tray. So, I started feeding him with the fork and bowl I was using. I was getting more for Bumblebee and set the bowl and fork down on Monkey's tray. He immediately picked up the fork, speared a selected melon and ate it!!!! I was so surprised!

I ran to get the camera, but the battery was dead! By the time I got it charged enough he was done eating melon. So, I got out some raspberries in an attempt to get him to do the same trick.

Notice how he checks the berries out. First he pokes at them. When I tell him to use the fork, he gets down to business, but hesitates when he gets it to him mouth. After the video ends (camera died again) he finally ate the berry.

I was just so excited to see his coordination! I am in shock that he can not only hold the fork, but pick out food, stab it with the fork, and put the food in his mouth... WITHOUT making a mess!!!!! WHOOOOoooHOOOooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


annette said...

WOW they are SOOO very precious. Isn't it amazing how independent they get... and how quickly!? We REALLY must get together.... let's talk/email and make some plans.

Amber said...

That is so exciting! I'm still working on a spoon an yogurt or applesauce with Kaelin, but maybe she is ready for a fork...I need to let her try it!

Ladiebuglane said...

Yay!! Wow he is really good at that! Amelia was at that point way later than he is.
My nephew was good at a fork early on becuase he hated getting his hands dirty :)