Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tip #4

While posting on twitter this morning, I remembered another tip. So, I need to post it before I forget.

#4 My kids are always dropping or throwing their sippy cups out of the stroller. So, I used some of those wrist bands (like the Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" ones) and looped it around their cup. Then, I used those plastic links (they are sold in just about any store that sells baby stuff... I think I even saw some in the grocery!) to attach the cup to their stroller.

Now, when they throw it out or drop it... it is still attached! And Mommy doesn't have to pick it up!!!!!!


Dianna(riwifeandmom) said...

That is a great idea!

mrs.izzy said...

I had the same idea last week. I had rubber bands lying around from buying veggies, so I put one on each sippy cup and used links to attach them to the stroller. Though the rubber bands are so flimsy, I was going to have to look around what else to use. Love the wrirst bracelet thing idea! I have one of those lying around.. hopefully I find a 2nd one.