Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My say

So, this morning we went to a playdate at McDonald's. There were people from the higher up of McDonald's and about 6 other moms from my local Mom's group. They wanted to pick our brains... as Mommies. What do we like? What do we dislike? What do we want?

I stressed the wish for more healthy choices. I want veggie sticks, cheese sticks, fruit cups, natural ingredients, etc. I also said that I would like them to have more environmental awareness... or if they already do, to make us more aware. My kids (and their future) are my greatest priority. Their health and nutrition are at the top. If they want our business, they need to help me do the best by my kids.

I was very happy with the discussions. I felt like they really listened. So, maybe we will see some positive changes.


Amber said...

I hope they did listen and add some great alternatives!

don said...

That's cool. Now if they could work on the adult menue.