Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a weekend.

The kids have another cold... AGAIN! This is the 3rd one since the end of July. And of course, I have it. Although, not as bad this time. I have been taking Emergen-C, Vitamin C, Echinacae, and drinking lots of water. I also am not eating bread/pasta/sugar (basically, starchy and sugary stuff). So, I think all of that has helped.

Kids have been bears. Of course, they HATE the bulb syringe... but all that snot!!! I have to use it or they rub it all over their hands, floor, etc.

However, with use of the bulb syringe has come a new problem... sticking things up their nose!! We colored this morning... they tried to stick the crayons up their noses. They had grapes and cereal for breakfast... yup, tried to stick them up their nose. Zane found a sharpie marker on the table... tried to write with it (lid was tightly on), then tried to stick it up his nose.

When do things get easy? LOL

Oh, and on top of it, my crown fell off last night. I bit it, but it is mostly still together. So, I called the Dentist on call and he said to stick it on with a paste of flour and water. Who knew?! So, it is on... for now. However, the broken piece is cutting my tongue. :(


Carolina Mama said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. And I love your 'say' at McDonald's. I agree wholeheartedly! Am a twins mama too!

SAB said...

Sounds like a rough weekend all around. Sydney hates the bulb syringe too. We have much better luck with saline drops (which really help loosen up the dry stuff and bring it out) and then I just wipe with a warm/damp cloth.

Glad you don't seem to be getting sick!

Dianna said...

Oh sorry to hear about the colds. Oh the dreaded bulb syringe lol Hope everyone is all better real soon.