Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why is the wait so long???

So, ff says I am 7 dpo. I think it is more like 8. I really think I O'd sometime in the middle of the night last Wednesday... because (tmi) when we bd'd on Thursday I was too dry. Anyway, I had the trigger shot last Wednesday. So, I am told the hcg could last from 7-10 days. Today is 8 days since then. So, 2 more days until it will definately all be out of my system.

I used an OPK Tuesday and today. Both days came out positive. I'm hoping this means something grand! Plus, my temps. are still really high. They have been 98.1-98.3 for the last 7 days. Come on BABY!!!!! STick!!!! Stick!!!


Jennie said...

I wish I had a time machine to speed up time for you.

Good luck on the waiting!!

Becky said...

OOHHH!!! Tomorrow is day 10 since my HCG shot....for whatever reason i didn't think i could test until next week.....AND i just remembered i have some OPK's in the bathroom i could use!!!! ARG!!!!! I don't want a fake out or a dissappointment!

Hoping the hcg is OUT of your system and you have a true BFP to celebrate soon!!! are you just testing at home or doing a beta??

I'm waiting for my prog. numbers....probably won't hear till tomorrow....maybe i'll ask them WHEN i can test.....sadly, i don't feel pregnant. :(

Ladiebug said...

Yay!!! I am prating your temps stay up and then go up again!!!!!