Saturday, July 28, 2007

A new leaf

We took the babies to see the in-laws today. It was a nice visit. However, the part I enjoyed the most was the trip to and back. With Brett's busy schedule... and all our focus on the babies, we don't get a whole lot of time to talk. So today, we spent the entire 2 1/2 hours each way doing just that.

Our main topic of conversation was our health and that of our children. I had read yesterday that the main vegetable of something like 64% of children under 2 was french fries. WHAT???!!!!! FRENCH FRIES????!!!!! Can that even be considered a vegetable? I believe it also said that over 50% of children under 2 watch at least an hour of TV a day. Is it any wonder to look around and see so many obese adults and CHILDREN?

I don't know about you, but all of this floored us! So, we decided really take a look at what we are doing for our own children. We decided to make a few changes...

1. Change from disposables to cloth (Yes, I am a twin mom headed for cloth! I will talk more about why this is so much better for the babies... and our pocket books later).
2. Make our own baby food (Again... better for babies and money)
3. Get rid of our large cable package (including DVR, which I will VERY MUCH miss!)
4. Get a YMCA membership

So, we turn a new leaf... I have already ordered a sample package of diapers. Zane passed the day with a fluffy cloth diapered bottom. Which leads to an interesting story... to be posted tomorrow.


Jill said...

My sister uses cloth diapers and loves them. If I had ever had kids I would have liked to have used them.

And making your own baby foods sounds like fun!

Even though it might be extra work, I am sure the benefits will be monumental!

Eva said...

Congrats on making healthy life choices. It's so hard to do some of these things but worth it I think!

I've actually loved making baby food (way easier than making grown up food) and am a bit sad that S&J won't be into purees for much longer.