Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas or July?

I've heard of Christmas in July, but who ever heard of July at Christmas? I ask this because of the totally wonky weather we have been having. Last Wednesday we had some snow flurries at the airport. They said that was a record first. Thursday was freezing rain in the morning. Yesterday it was 81 degrees. WHAT???!!!! Yup! 81 degrees. By the end of the day I had the babies in diapers (Cute Fuzzi Bunz of course), t-shirts, and their new babylegs. I even had to turn on the air conditioner so we could sleep, as our house had gotten up to 75 degrees.

Hubby and I were talking about how wrong it feels. It is suppose to be COLD right now! What is going on????!!!! Global Warming? I think that might be a STRONG possibility!

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Ladiebug said...

Yeah I think something is up here too. It was 18 here for the last 2 weeks and now today it is 44! That is a heat wave here this time of year!
I have a feeling some sinus issues will be heading my way....