Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The twins have been teething for some time now. Monkey's top area looks like there are corn kernels stuck up under the skin. His gums are so swollen and red. I feel bad for him.

Frog's aren't near as swollen or red. I thought her's might be awhile... Nope, her top right one is peeking through. It is slowly edging its way down.

Teething is such a battle. Both babies have been going through big periods of fussiness. I think it's teething... No, I think it might be a growth spurt... No, maybe it is because he knows how to crawl now... Maybe it was because she was up all night...

You never know! For the last couple of weeks I was sure they were teething. Especially with Monkey's swollen gums. Both were fussy, clingy, etc. They did some ear pulling here and there, but they've done that before. I read ear pulling may not mean anything.

Last Sunday, they got a fever. "It is just teething." I was told by more than one person. I wanted to take them to Urgent Care, but I listened to everyone else.

On Tuesday they still had a fever. I finally decided to take them to the Dr. Thank God I did! Both had double ear infections! Frog had blisters on her ear drums. Both were given penicillin. I felt HORRIBLE!!!!!

The Dr. said it is hard to figure it out. Many people bring in babies for similar symptoms and it is teething. Some, think it's teething and it is an ear infection.

She also said I am doing what I can. We don't smoke, the babies stay home with me instead of going to daycare, and they are both breast fed.

Now they have been on antibiotics for over a week. They are better, but still fussy, whiny, and clingy. SO, I guess this time it IS teething.



Missy said...

we are going through the same thing over here! I have taken my 1 year old to the doctor twice over the past month because he was so fussy, pulling on his ears, etc. Except there is nothing wrong with him! It's just teething.... but how can you tell the difference??

Ladiebug said...

Like the Dr. said sometimes it is only teething. It's quite possible that the teething is what brought on the infections.

Stacey (Tinkpatcherbell) said...

Teething is fantastic. :( I hope that's the current problem w/ Haley b/c I'm ready to pull my hair out!!

Come check in -- the ladies miss you and want an update on the wonder twins!