Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nightmare... during the day

Yesterday my family came over for burgers. As we finished up dad and I ran up the road to sign some papers for a car we sold. It was only about a block or two. We finished up and hoped back in the 4-runner. For the first time, in as long as I can remember, I didn't put on my seat belt. We were talking... and it was just around the corner.

I'm at the turn before my house and a car squeals behind me. I look in the mirror and see a car of underaged teens going about 80mph swerving back and forth across the road. The road is a neighborhood and has a limit of 30mph. I screamed and grabbed my dad with my right hand (I guess I was trying to keep him in the seat). Then I swerved off the road onto the sidewalk... The car just barely missed us.

I got to the house, shaking so badly I could hardly walk. Dh came to me in our bedroom and I just flowed with tears. I was mad that I had taken the chance of not wearing my seatbelt. I was mad at the teens. I was scared and shaken. If we had been hit I would probably have hit the windshield... my stomach (containing my precious babies) would have hit the steering wheel. I came so close.

Please please please wear your seatbelt... No matter how far you are going!!!!


Julie said...

=) are you okay now?

Courtney said...

Yes, it just shook me up. I just kept thinking about the babies. I'm just even more super cautious now. Thanks for asking!

Miss 1999 said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you- but so thankful that ya'll are ok now *Hugs*

mommygoingcrazy said...

You are very blessed that you didn't get hit. Don't beat yourself up too much about not wearing a seatbet, you have been given another chance and now you will never go without. Hang in there, and count your blessings! I am so happy that you and your dad are safe!

Jill said...

Scary!! Don't do that again! Glad everyone is okay.

Ladiebug said...

I am so glad everyone is ok!!!