Sunday, November 02, 2008

Great Ironman, but no sleep for me

Before I start venting, let me tell you about DHs race. He finished in 11:06 which is a HUGE leap from 12:54 last year! I am very proud of him! We got to see him leave on the swim, twice on the bike, and when he came in at the finish. He did really well... and only had one minor mishap when he was checking his watch and tripped (his hands, knee, and elbow are pretty skinned). But that didn't slow him down!!

I hope to post some pictures when we get home. I think I have taken about 7 rolls of film since my digital died. The hard part is getting them developed... Then, I never did know what to do with all those pictures of silly stuff you take. At least with digital they only take up a minute piece of space.

Now for my vent... I'm not sure what I am going to do with my son! He is currently throwing a fit on the floor becuase he wants my dh's phone. That is not really that big of a deal... he is a toddler. But the SUCKY part is that it is 4:10!!!!! and we have been up since about 3:30.

OK, so it is an hour difference here. So, it is now just after 5 at home... and the time change happened... So, that it would have been just after 6 now if it was yesterday. So, that makes me feel a little bit better... but not much.

Z has been getting up at 4:30 everyday, since we have been here! Then he is good for a couple hours and gets fussy around 10! He usually naps at 12 or 1 at home! His nap here lasts about 1 hr because the people making noise outside wake him.

I have been putting him to bed 30-60 min later to get him use to the new time (since we were going to switch anyway). So, my child is getting about 4 hours less sleep a day!!!! It is killing both our moods!

Isn't the definition of vacation something about a relaxing time away from home and your regular routine? How can I get my son to understand that???!!!!

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Jill said...

Congrats to the DH! That is a totally awesome accomplishment!

As for for little bundle of tantrum - so sorry. I hope it gets better REAL SOON!