Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ironman Florida 2008

Here are a few pictures from our day. Dh was competing in Ironman Florida... the babies and I were the cheering section. We made some signs... complete with Wondertwin scribbles. We yelled our encouragement... and we spent most of the day like any other: playing, eating, and sleeping. Such is the life of twins!

Here are the Wondertwins waiting for the race start. It was quite chilly... and early. Neither factors made the twins extremely happy.

All the swimmers heading in to the start. It is amazing seeing 2000 bodies all run in and swim at the same time! I'm glad I'm not in the mix!

Z with his "Daddy support" t-shirt. I got them made the day before. Their names were on the back. They were sooo cute!!!!

B in hers, playing on the little condo porch. They thought it was so neat to go out there and see the ocean and birds. They squealed with delight every time a bird would come close!

The family at the completion of Dh's race. I was so proud of him, but sad I practically missed the actual finish. We were there, but being in thousands of people, with a twin stroller, twin toddlers (during the witching hour, mind you), and Dh changing his jersey on me (I was looking for the orange one he had on when he passed ont he bike), made that difficult. I was waiting to see him, giving snacks, toys, answering questions about twins, giving juice, refilling cups, etc... and then I heard his name announced. I just barely turned around to see him cross. Video was out of the question at that point. Oh well... such is the life.

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common mom said...

Congrat's to hubby - and to YOU - for making it through :-)

I run only when chased, swim only on warm sunny days, and ride a bike only with a trail bike attached :-)