Sunday, July 16, 2006

And their OFF!!!!

So, the new school year is one week down. It is so strange to me to already be a week into the school year. I have 2 more weeks and then I am tracked out for 3. I absolutely LOVE it! I have such a great class... and the staff I work with is wonderful too! I think it will be a great year... and hopefully less stress!!!

I was suppose to start Clomid again on Saturday. However, on Friday (cd2) I was having horrible cramps on my right side. Being as that is the side I had the ectopic on, it made me pretty nervous. So, I called the dr. and they told me to come in tomorrow. Hopefully it is nothing, and we can start Clomid tomorrow. We will see.

For now, it's just another bump in the road. We've got to be out of the mountains sometime soon!


Ladiebug said...

Good luck at your appointment! I hope it's nothing and you can start clomid! I just know it's our turn soon :0)

Miss Jen said...

Good luck at the doctor's! I was really bad this month and just stopped taking my meds. The met is really hard on me so I was sick of being sick and I stopped. I have to start again but I'm too chicken!