Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

So, today is obviously the 4th of July. I finally woke up at 9. My arms are so sore this morning, I am having difficulty bending my wrists. I guess I used those muscles anyway!

My dh is out on another ride. Today is the Firecracker ride. He got up about 5:30. The ride started at 8. He will probably be back about 1 or 2. Then he will sleep.

I am so proud of his training and drive. However, I sometimes get jealous. I feel like I don't see him much. We decided to work on this by turning off the TV when we eat. Then we can have more conversation. Still, I wouldn't trade in being the wife of a future Iron Man. He is amazing!

After his rest we will go to a NC Pig-picking. For those of you from up north, that is a barbeque. They do exactly as it's titled: They cook a pig. Then pick off the meat. It should be fun.


Alexia Richardson said...

Hope you had a good holiday, thanks for your comment on my blog!

Ladiebug said...

I hope you had a fun time!!!
How was the pig picking?