Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jungle Boogie!

I went to the doctor yesterday. They did an u/s and found 4 nice, mature follies! So, dh and I discussed the risk of having quads and decided to go for it. But, before giving me the trigger shot the dr. wanted me to get an estradiol test. He said that would helps us have a better idea of my chances of hyperstimulation.

So, I got up at 5:10 this morning and was at the hospital at 6 for the blood test. From there I went to Starbucks for a nice cup of iced decafe coffee. Then, I headed to Brugger's Bagels to pick up a half dozen for the doctors and nurses who were coming in early.

I got to the office at 7:30. At 7:45 the results came back, but my doctor was in surgery. At 8:15 we had the go. So, I got my shot, in my ass, and headed to school. Now we are scheduled to bd tonight and tomorrow night. Then, we wait and see.

Please Lord... let it be my turn!


Ladiebug said...

I will be praying your levels were perfect and your follies keep growing!!!
Sending you:
~*~*~grow follies grow vibes~*~*~*
~*~*~*~ovulation dust~*~*~*~
~*~*~bfp vibes~*~*~*~

Morgan said...

good luck girl!
I have been there and will be there soon! SO were pullin for you in the land down under!

Its your turn~

Becky said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! I suppose we are BOTH in 2WW TOGETHER!!! I just had IUI done this a.m. (will blog later) and we'll BD a few more times for good measure and then we wait....and pray.

Praying for YOU!!! Will you have a Prog. test in a week or will you just wait for a preg. test in about 2 weeks. Good Luck and I hope this 2 weeks goes FAST for the both of us!!!