Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's getting hot in here... So take off all your clothes

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 28. When I was young I had a plan... I would be married at 25 and have a child at 27. Well, I got married at 26... SO, I guess I should have a baby this year! I sure hope so!

This will be the first year I have worked all day on my birthday. I know, I know... Everyone else has to, why should I be special? Well, when I was a kid, everyone was out on summer break on my birthday. So, I never got to have a little school party. Then, when I became an adult, it seemed pretty cool that I was off on my birthday every year. Year round school messed up that plan. Oh well. I think I may get a little cake or something and have a little class party for myself. Happy Birthday Me! lol

Day 3 of this round of Clomid. Starting out on 150mg is tough! Last time I worked up to it. Yesterday, I was sick to my stomach all evening. Today that has ceased.

So far, no migraines. For that, I am extremely grateful! However, the hotflashes have begun. This morning my kids were taking a state test. So, I couldn't turn the air way down. I was sweating all morning. It is just a constant mist on my forhead. The worst is at night. I slept in my birthday suit... out of the covers... and was STILL sweating.

Hey, if it works... IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!


Ladiebug said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Hopefully this clomid is giving you the best belated birthday present ever!!!!!!

Morgan said...

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for stopping on my blog. Please stop buy often. I will be watching your blog. I did clomid for 8 months at same time my mom was going through Menaupause so fun was had by all. Good luck.