Monday, March 24, 2008

1 year Dr. visit

Today the Wondertwins had their 1 year visit. We were suppose to do it Friday, but postponed so we could see the doctor we like.

Overall, they are doing great! He was very happy with their growth, development, etc. He kept saying what a great job we have been doing. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I like going to him... he gives me that much needed pat on the back.

We said we did not want to get shots at this time. He was all for delaying the vaccinations. He also told us to find a pox party so we could skip that one all together. I was ready to go in and argue for no vaccinations and was so happy to find how supportive he was!

Anyway, here are their stats:

Weight- 22lbs (from 5 lbs 6 oz at birth!) <35%>
Head- 47 <70%>
Height- 30 1/4 <75%>

Weight- 19lbs 9 oz (from 4lbs 8 oz at birth!)<25%>
Head- 45 <45%>
Height- 28 1/2 <35%>

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