Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm going to be a Loser!

So, after having the twins I fairly quickly lost most of the weight. I guess it was a combination of running after two, not eating enough, and breast feeding two.

THEN, I got my period when they were about 9 or 10 months... SNAP... I gained 10 pounds in a week! UGH!!!! And that 10 pounds was like a buried tick! It wasn't going anywhere!

Now the Wondertwins are 1 year. I am still nursing, but not near as often. I don't really have an excuse anymore... I'm just lazy... and Queen Procrastinator.

I decided I need some motivation. I enjoy watching the Biggest Loser. They help motivate me... but it fizzles out after a day or so. I need to be held accountable. It is too easy for me to make excuses!

My friend, who has a baby exactly 2 months younger than the Wondertwins, wants to lose weight too. So, we came up with a deal. We will weigh ourselves each week. In addition, we will put $5 in a pot each week. At the end of June whoever has lost the most gets the pot! Now, I am motivated!

So, we weighed ourselves today. We both weigh the same. We are not over 200... but not too far off. Our goal is to lose at least 15 pounds by June 30th. The winner with the most weight loss will get $130. Nice!!! Huh!!!???

I will feel a little bad when I take all her money. But I can't WAIT to fit into clothes that aren't maternity! lol

Wish me luck!!!!!


Melissa said...

Oh that's a good deal! Great motivation. :)

don said...

Good luck!

But I think you should add a twist. Whoever lost the most by June gets to lay claim to the money but not take it. To take the money the winner needs to maintain that weight (or less) until the end of July or the money gets divided evenly. Or the game starts over.

Amy said...

That's interesting....I also lost all my baby weight in a reasonable amount of time, only to gain 10-15 pounds back when I stopped nursing. I CANNOT lose those pounds. I eat well, but have very little time to exercise. I'm hoping once the weather warms up I can get the twins outside, do some gardening, etc..., and get back to where I want to be.

Good luck! This is the perfect time of year for a challenge like that!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

I love this idea. I think I just may have to borrow it!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Cute babies!

Ladiebug said...

That is an awsome idea!!! I need some motivation! I am going to have to find a buddy to do that with! My husband just dropped 30 pounds since Feb 11. He wants a game that comes out in June. So he wanted to have lost the 30 pounds by then. Since he lost it quicker I told him now he has to maintain or lose more by then.Having a prize works!

Adria Sha said...

It sounds like a great plan!