Thursday, March 13, 2008

My favorite Girl

Little Frog is such a good little baby. You put food on her tray, she eats it. Not all food, but the ones she likes (fruit, cheerios, cheese, ravioli, pasta, toast, carrots). She sleeps just about anywhere... in the car, in the pack-n-play, once in the jumperoo... you just give her a binky and her blankey... then she talks to herself or plays quietly until she falls asleep.

Need something to keep her busy, giver her a couple of books. She will look at them, turning the pages, talking to herself and smiling, for at least 20 minutes... once an hour!

Her favorite toys? A cup or a spoon. She played with a plastic cup the entire day today. She would put it to her mouth and tip her head back like she was drinking. Then she would smile at me, so proud of herself!

We JUST finally moved her crib mattress down. She has been able to pull herself up for awhile, but has never attempted it in her crib. She just lays there and talks to her blankey or Zane. When she wakes she just coos to herself. Then, two days ago she pulled up to her knees to see Zane. We finally moved the mattress that evening.

She does have her moments, but who doesn't? She has been known (by all of my twin friends) to scream the loudest ear piercing scream... and if I weren't nursing twins I would have to quit altogether because she will only nurse first thing in the morning. She also tends to spit out new foods before she figures out if she even likes them (it is funny to see her spit something out, then ask for more because she has tasted a bit of it and likes it).

Overall, she is a very good baby. I wouldn't trade her for the world. She is the best little girl I could ask for. Little Frog, we love you so much!


Rose said...

Thank you so much for the tips!!! And for taking the time to read. Your twins are adorable and YES they do grow so fast. Thank you Courtney!

Brett said...

We have the best pair of monkeys ever!

Ladiebug said...

Aw she is growing up so fast!!!