Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fuzzy ball?

So, today I decide to tackle the mountain of laundry. I start with the adult clothes, then a load of diapers, then baby clothes... next towels... you get the idea. Anyway, I am always finding stuff in the drier. Most of the time it is something from our pockets. When I take the adult clothes out of the drier I find some change. I scour the floor to make sure none was dropped (don't want anyone choking!).

Then, I take the load of baby clothes out of the drier. As I'm getting the last few things I see something spherical in the back... a marble?... a ball of paper? I reach in... looks like paper. It has fuzzy lint all over it.

*Side note: The thing with finding paper is, I am obsessed with trying to figure out what it once was. I will uncrumble the paper and try to piece it together. Was it a note? A receipt? It's quite a game!

So, thinking it is paper I try to unfold it. It splits in two. It is brown. It crumbles slightly. Could it be? I don't know why... but I smell it. It is. It is poop. I have no idea how it got in the drier. I am grossed out.

Guess I have another load of laundry to do.

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Shannon said...

That is really gross! :) Won't you be glad when these days are over?