Saturday, March 29, 2008

War wound

Many babies bite or hit at some point. Little Frog has bit me a few times... When you tell her, "No biting" in a firm tone she starts crying. She is just like her mama, very sensitive.

Anyway, Miss K has been on a bit of kick... She has popped the Wondertwins on the head with a toy every now and then, has scratched, and has now bit Monkey Boy twice. Thursday it was on the arm. They were in the crawl tunnel. He probably took something, as he tends to do, and she bit him on the arm.

Yesterday, she was in the rocking chair. Monkey used the chair to stand up. She grabbed his face, pulled him close, and bit his cheek. I watched it happen, but had been changing Bree up on the couch and could not get there fast enough. I felt so bad for him.

I firmly said, "No biting." She smiled, waved at me, and said, "Hi".

We are going to have to work on this. They are just babies... but can't we all just get along?!

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Jen said...

Oh, poor sweet little face. :( I feel like I need to offer an ice pack through the web. Hopefully this phase will pass soon!

Missy said...

well, we are still at the biting stage at 16 months, although not very often. Now he is starting to figure out other ways to torment his sister, by taking her toys, pushing, or pulling hair. I think that this will only get worse.... it is a horrible feeling to see an injury like that on your little one though!